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How to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is one guest you don’t want to invite in your home this holiday season.  It’s silent and deadly. A frightening statistic shows that the winter months have the highest death of carbon monoxide poisoning each year. It spikes up during these months because of the number of people who use their furnace during the cold weather season. Protecting your family can be a simple tap to call Omaha HVAC professionals to inspect your furnace every winter.

Carbon monoxide is a type of gas that is produced when you burn fuel like cars, generators and furnaces. This gas is dangerous especially if it happens to build up in a closed area. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Without the proper device installed in your home, you would never be able to detect it.

Carbon Monoxide symptoms can be hard to spot because they resemble flu-like symptoms. The most common symptoms are headaches, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain and confusion. Passing out from toxication of this gas can also occur.

Things you can do prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Just as you stay up to date with the latest technology trends, stay informed about ways to protect your home and family.  Put this on top of your do list this holiday season! Simple precautions you can take to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning are getting your furnace checked, not using generators indoors and installing carbon monoxide detectors.

1. Schedule a furnace inspection.  

You have no excuse not to get your furnace inspected this winter. Nowadays you can tell your Alexa speaker to make a phone call for you.  Having Omaha HVAC professionals examine your HVAC system once a year keeps safe your home from carbon monoxide leaks. A common problem with furnaces that cause carbon monoxide poisoning is a cracked heat exchanger. The halls of your heat exchanger are made of metal that expand and contract every time your furnace heats and cools down. Over time, the constant expanding will cause the walls of your heat exchanger to crack and allow the carbon monoxide to escape.

2. Don’t use portable generators indoor

You wouldn’t heat up your car with a garage door closed, so why would you use a portable generator indoors. The amount of carbon monoxide that it produces can kill you in minutes. When using a portable generator be sure to place it outdoors where the air can escape. Avoid placing it under your home’s porch or deck because the carbon monoxide can make its way indoors

3. Clean your dry’s filters

If you have a gas dryer in your home, you should be cleaning its dryers filter more often. The lint that collects in your dryer's filter can cause a fire and carbon monoxide danger. Link can clog the exhaust on your dryer to force carbon monoxide into your home. Keep this in mind next time you are drying and folding clothes for your family.

4. Purchase carbon monoxide detectors

Of the things every home needs is a carbon monoxide detector. It take one less thing to worry about. Installing one will be able to detect any leaking carbon monoxide. Protect your family this winter. They are easy to install and even are free with a furnace inspection.  


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