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How to prevent pipes from freezing

With the unexpected cold winter weather that the Midwest has been getting, it’s important to know how to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing. One second your home could be fine and the next you could have a flooded basement in freezing temperatures.

The science behind frozen pipe bursting is fairly simple. When water freezes the molecular structure of it changes into ice. Ice expands in your pipes and will cause pressure to build up. This pressure causes the water in the closed faucet to build up, and in some cases, resulting in a pipe burst.

Ways to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing.

Keep your faucet dripping

Omaha plumbers recommend homeowners to allow their home’s faucet to drip during cold temperatures. By allowing water to move through your pipes, they’re less likely to freeze. This will save you hassle of working to keep your pipes warm.

A dripping faucet will prevent your home’s pipes to burst by preventing pressure from building. The pressure between the frozen water and you faucet is the cause of bursting pipes.

If faucets have two handles open both the hot and cold a little bit. Or if it only has one open it a tad to the warm water.

Seal cracks and holes.

One way that your pipes can freeze is by the cold air that makes its way into your home. Cracks and holes that allow any kind of air into your home could be a potential hazard for your pipes. It also includes drafts from window.  

Seal the cracks or hole with caulk or foam spray. This will prevent any cold drafts from coming in. Don’t think these cracks are harmless because the pipes are behind cabinets. The cold drafts can make the cabinets extra cold.

Keep interior doors open

Another cause of pipes getting frozen is the lack of warm air circulating throughout the house. It seems that in homes there is always a room that isn’t as warm as the others. Opening all the interior doors in your home will allow the warm air to circulate will reduce the risk of your pipes freezing.

It’s also recommended by Omaha plumbers to open up the doors in your cabinets. By opening the cabinet doors, it will allow the warm air makes way into all the compartments.

Add insulation

Don’t just think worry about your interior pipes! It’s important to also protect your outdoor or basements pipes. These pipes are the ones that have a higher potential to getting frozen. You wouldn’t go outside without a coat in the middle of the winter, so why is your pipes any different.

The best solution to keep your pipes from freezing is adding insulation around it. Homeowners can buy insulation in the hardware stores and wrap it around the pipes. There are even fiber rubber options specifically for pipes.

What to do if your pipes freeze?

Sometimes preventing your pipes from freezing is inevitable. The cold weather is unpredictable and it can strike at any moment. It’s better to be prepared than just hope it never happens.

If your pipes are frozen, act fast. Don’t think that the pipes will eventually thaw out by themselves because they won’t. Your pipes can cause extreme pressure that will cause your pipes to burst and flood with water. The last thing you need in the middle of winter is cold water gushing from your home.

The best solution is to call Omaha plumbers. They’ll be able to professional and effectively solve the problem without causing any harm to your home or pipes.


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