How to prepare your appliances for the holidays

The holidays are among us, which means an overload of food and cooking for a lot of families. Oftentimes the holidays revolve around big meals and time spent with family and friends. Although this year will likely look a bit different due to COVID-19, we are still hoping that everyone can celebrate in their own way. 

Making your usual dinner or treats is a great way to still celebrate the season. If you aren’t able to visit friends and family, you can still have your normal meals and desserts. You can even bring them over to drop off to others on their doorstep, which is a great way to spread holiday cheer while still being safe!

So, if you are planning on cooking a big meal this year or making some yummy treats for you, your friends and your family, you may be wondering what you should be doing to prepare. Your appliances will be a big part of this process and a lot of people’s first instinct is to start cleaning and preparing their appliances. You want to be sure that you are cleaning them properly in order to avoid having to look for appliance repair Omaha NE providers during the holidays!

Self-cleaning ovens

Though most of the time your oven will come with a self-cleaning feature, this is actually not something that we recommend you try. When you use the self-cleaning feature on your oven, they will typically get to over 900 degrees. This is when a fuse can blow or your control panel can go bad. 

If you do try your self-cleaning feature and something goes wrong, it is likely that you will not be able to get it serviced in time for the holidays. There is a delay in parts, which means that you can expect about a six-week time frame before parts are able to get to you. Your best bet if you are looking to cook for the holidays is to NOT use your oven’s self-cleaning feature. Instead, research your specific oven and find the best way to clean your model by hand. You can also contact us at ServiceOne. As one of the best places for appliance repair Omaha NE, we can answer all your appliance cleaning questions! 


With cooking and baking comes lots of dishes! This means that your dishwasher will likely get a lot of usage during this time. According to experts, you should be cleaning out your dishwasher filter and drain about once a month. If that seems like a lot of work, don’t worry, it’s easy!

The first thing you want to do is to clear the drain in your dishwasher. You will remove the bottom dish rack and you can find the drain at the very bottom. Look for anything caught in it and remove it to help with drainage and improve cleaning efficiency. 

Next, you should empty your dishwasher of any dishes and then place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher safe container. Put it on the upper rack and run the machine through a hot water cycle. This works best to help remove grease and odors. 

Lastly, sprinkle a cup of baking soda across the bottom of your dishwasher. You can then run a short, hot water cycle in order to remove stains from the inside surfaces. 

With the holidays approaching, don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from doing all of your holiday traditions. Enjoy cooking and baking those holiday favorites and make sure you are taking care of those appliances every step of the way. If you do encounter a problem and need to find an appliance repair Omaha NE provider, contact us at ServiceOne for some help!

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