How to Minimize Your Electric Bill

As technology advances, the cost of living is slowly and steadily rising. To deal with the increasing costs of living, individuals must try to cut down on certain expenses. One of the areas where you can save a substantial amount of money is cutting energy costs.

ServiceOne has many electrician Omaha professionals that are very educated on everything electric.  Nowadays, measures such as smart home installations make cutting down energy expenditure easier. However, this isn’t enough. With a few adjustments, you can ensure that your electrical bill is as low as possible.

Carry out an energy audit.

This is a crucial step when you want to cut down on your energy bills. There are various electrical service providers that carry these out. The reason why home energy audits are so important is because they help you track the energy expenditure of all your electrical appliances. Through this audit, you can figure out which devices consume the most energy and help you identify where you need to cut back.

Fill your fridge and freeze.

It is common knowledge that keeping the lid or door on freezers and fridges closed helps save energy. However, a less known fact is that filling your fridge also helps save on electricity. Food and food containers act as insulators, and this, later on, translates to reducing the amount of time and energy the fridge uses to keep itself cold.

Make use of dimmer switches.

Dimmer switches are also an essential way to cut energy costs, as they reduce the brightness of unnecessarily bright lights. Through the mechanism that they use (which involves turning the electrical supply to the bulbs on and off many times per second) they reduce the amount of electricity that the bulbs use.

Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED light bulbs.

Nowadays, its common that people are becoming more sensitive to energy expenditure and moving to more efficient appliances. One way people should go about this is by switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs are more efficient than their predecessors since they convert 95 percent of the electricity that is supplied to them to light, with only 5 percent lost through heat. If you have more questions regarding LED light bulbs, talk with one of our electrician Omaha and they will help you out!

We have some good news for you, you can also save money on your water bill! It’s easy as one, two, three! We’re not joking, the first option to save money is to upgrade your appliances. The second option is to change the use of your faucets. Running water is expensive, try to limit your shower time, don’t keep your faucet running while you brush your teeth, make use of a shower bucket when you are waiting for your water to heat up and you don’t have to flush every time after number one!  

At ServiceOne our goal is to help you save money! We can help you reduce your energy costs by 22 percent! Read more about our case study. You can see a difference in your bills too, with the Daikin FIT system. This is known as mid-range/low high range system. It can help homeowners save up to 30 percent.

 If you are in need of an electrician Omaha, we are a call away! It’s a simple solution, contact us today for more information! 


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