How to choose heating-efficient siding

If you're building a new home or redoing your siding, you may be wondering what type of siding is the most heat-efficient. Some forms of siding are much more energy-efficient than others, and choosing the right siding can save you money on your monthly heating bill. 

Most homeowners think it is pretty important to make their home as energy-efficient as possible. This means that you can choose all appliances Omaha and Dubuque have to offer that use less water or work more efficiently. It can also mean using lighting fixtures that are more efficient when they are turned out. You can also purchase higher quality heating and air conditioning units that will not use as much energy.

Not only will building a more energy-efficient home save you money, but it helps the environment. Not only are homes utilizing green energy and all appliances Omaha can use to be green, but so are commercial buildings! As these things become more easily accessible and used more often, it is the hope that all homes will begin to be more energy-efficient and work to lower their own carbon footprint. 

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the most energy-efficient siding for your home.

Know the R rating of your siding

The R-value of the siding that you choose indicates how energy-efficient it is likely to be. Most experts recommend choosing siding that has an R-value of at least R-13, which will ensure that as much heat is retained as possible. This will allow you to spend significantly less on heating costs for your Omaha home, and it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Some materials are more energy-efficient than others

Not only are there differences in energy efficiency between different brands of siding, but the material that your siding is made out of also makes a big difference. In general, wood siding does not tend to be very energy efficient, and most wood siding products have an energy efficiency of R-1 or less. Steel siding also tends to be very energy inefficient, which makes it a poor choice for Omaha homeowners.

Stucco siding can be highly effective at sealing off your home from the outside air. This tends to make it quite energy-efficient, but repairing stucco siding can be expensive. Composite siding tends to offer a high level of energy efficiency, and it can allow you to have a home with the rustic look that's associated with wood siding.

Overall, insulated vinyl is the most energy-efficient form of siding. While it tends to be somewhat expensive, it is less pricey than stucco or wood siding, which makes it a great choice for Omaha-area homeowners.

Make sure that you choose durable materials

Our heating and cooling Dubuque professionals will give you the best advice on choosing the right siding for your home. We feel strongly that it's important to make sure that you choose siding that will remain secure during high winds, which will prevent costly repairs and improve the energy efficiency of your home! Contact us today to see how we can help you create a more efficient and green home with all appliances Omaha and Dubuque can offer!

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