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How long does a home boiler last

Especially during the winter months, staying warm and cozy in your home is a top priority to all homeowners. Although furnaces are the most common heating system for your home, you have other options as well. 

Home boilers are special purpose water heaters that are your best friend during the winter. If you've been contemplating the repair, replacement or purchase of a residential boiler, its lifespan is a crucial consideration. This unit's longevity will differ depending on its design and how you use it. 

At ServiceOne, our team of professionals are highly educated on everything HVAC Dubuque . Here’s everything you need to know about home boilers and the durability they provide. 

Estimated lifespan

It’s common that  oil and gas boilers remain functional for 11 to 27 years. Electric systems tend to fail sooner. Natural gas has become the most common energy source for boilers in most parts of the nation.

This equipment will last longer if it's the correct size for your residence and the manufacturer has top-notch quality control. Non-condensing models have higher life expectancies but burn substantially more fuel.

Heating needs

Like most machinery, these systems have a lifespan that's partially dependent upon usage. Your equipment will generally remain in service for a greater number of years if it's consuming little energy.

A boiler lasts longer when you don't use it excessively. Low thermostat settings or warm outdoor temperatures will reduce wear and tear. Likewise, a well-insulated home doesn't need as much warmth.

If you benefit from multiple sources of heat, your central heating system will probably have a longer lifespan. For example, you might use a wood stove, fireplace or space heater to warm up a specific area.

Boilers also need to heated water. Consequently, this equipment's longevity will vary based on your washing machine's temperature setting, how many people live in your house and how often they take showers.


If you see corrosion on your broiler it can reduce the life expectancy of it. If your boiler has corrosion, it will affect how your broiler will be and it will make it break down faster. After it breaks down, you should do a complete replacement of your heating system. To preserve the life of your broiler, you might add chemicals to your water. 

Mechanical- Float LWCO 

A mechanical- float low water cut offs are mainly used a water safety device that can be found in a heating boiler. This works similarly to a common toilet. 

Adequate maintenance

You can extend the life of a heating system by arranging annual service calls. Among other things, an expert will lubricate components, perform certain cleaning tasks and tighten connections.

When a power outage, empty fuel tank or mechanical failure causes indoor temperatures to fall below freezing, it's vital to take action quickly. Your system could become badly damaged if the water freezes inside of it.

Home equipment can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth on all appliances. Replacing a refrigerator, washer and dryer, and dishwasher all at the same time would not be ideal for your wallet. These appliances can last up to 15 years, remember to do frequent maintenance

We offer professional boiler service and installation; we can help you get the most years out of any equipment. Our company provides HVAC Dubuque customers can rely on throughout each season. Please contact our proficient, knowledgeable staff for all of your HVAC Dubuque needs.


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