How Do UV Air Purifiers Work?

Americans spend 90 percent of their day indoors. A lot of this time spent indoors is in the comfort of our own homes. As homeowners spend many hours in their homes, the need for good indoor air quality is very important for our health and wellbeing. 

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, there are many things you can do as a homeowner. Changing your HVAC filter will help create more clean air, as will opening your windows from time to time. Additionally, as technology advances, indoor air quality products continue to innovate, creating more clean and healthier air than ever before. 

At ServiceOne, our team understands the importance of quality, clean air in your home. That is why we offer specialized products and services, to keep you, your family and your home comfortable and healthy. 

We have recently started selling a brand new air quality product, the Patriot UV Air Purifier! This product, as well as many other products, are a great way to clean your home’s air. Below, we discuss the benefits of good air quality in your home and how UV air purifiers can help you achieve this!

The benefits of good air quality in your home

Better sleep

Better air quality has been linked to improved sleep quality. When the air quality in your home is good, your stress levels can decrease, which in turn helps us all get better rest at night!

Reduced amount of allergens

Having quality air in your home also plays a huge role in staying healthy. Air quality products, such as UV Air Purifiers, can significantly reduce the amount of allergens that circulate in your home. Spring and summer are notorious for allergy season, but focusing on improving your home’s air quality can greatly reduce allergy symptoms. 

Eliminate odors

Have you ever come home from work and had to ask yourself “what is that smell?”. Bad air quality can lead to some pretty bad odors. But on the flip side, quality air can help fight against and eliminate those lingering odors throughout your home. 

What is a UV Air Purifier?

UV air purifiers are devices that use UV lighting to capture and clean the air that passes through your HVAC filter. This air quality product can significantly reduce the amount of bacteria, dust, dirt, and other allergens and particles that may circulate in your home’s air. Outside of the amazing benefits UV purifiers bring to your home’s air, these devices are also very energy efficient, using minimal energy, and operate very quietly. 

Buy a UV Air Purifier through ServiceOne!

Don’t wait. Start improving your home’s air today with a UV Air Purifier from ServiceOne. We have recently started offering the brand new Patriot Carbon UV Air Purifier, which is 33% more effective than the previous model. The Patriot Carbon UV offers

  • Whole-house air purification 

  • Neutralizes odors & toxic VOCs 

  • Kills viruses, mold, & bacteria 

  • Improves indoor air quality 

  • Inhibits HVAC mold growth

As we head into the summer months, now is the perfect time to make a difference in your home’s air! Give one of our team members a call today to learn more about the amazing air quality products we offer!

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