How Are Outside Temperature Fluctuations Affecting Your Home’s HVAC?

Well, we have had an absolutely GORGEOUS transition into spring here in the Midwest, right? Mother Nature doesn’t seem moody at all (ha, ha). Where are the green plants starting to poke through, robins starting to sing, and days getting warmer? This week alone, we will see sunshine, snow, rain, cold, and high temps. We have been fielding a fair amount of calls and questions about what these temperature fluctuations could be doing to your home’s HVAC system.

Today, our HVAC team is giving you the answers!

How Do Extreme Temperature Fluctuations Affect Your Heating System?

As long as you’re keeping up with regulating your thermostat and it’s been recently serviced, your furnace will be up for the challenges that extreme temperatures can bring.

This time of year, we often notice our customers turning their furnaces on at night and off during the day. They may even crack a window or two to let some fresh spring air into the house and air out all of those winter germs!

One of the best tips our pros can give you is to check the weather forecast for the next day and to adjust your thermostat accordingly. It’s never fun coming home to a really hot house because the heat’s been running all day and the outside temps hit the mid-70s. Alternately, if you don’t have the heat on at night and the temps get down in the 30s, issues can also arise.

How Do Extreme Temperature Fluctuations Affect Your Central AC?

Generally speaking, temperature fluctuations aren’t going to affect your AC much. The outside part of your AC system is meant to withstand freezing temperatures without suffering much weather damage. One exception to this would be if it had been hit by something like a fallen tree limb or by hail. If you’re worried about turning on your AC when the temperatures get warmer, check your outdoor unit for any noticeable damage first. If you see noticeable damage, or you’re still worried, schedule a spring check-up with one of our trusted technicians. Even if you don’t see noticeable damage on the outdoor condenser unit, it’s good to take your garden hose and rinse out the system from any of the fall and winter debris that may be clogging it.

Not sure about any of these terms? Check out our HVAC Glossary!

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