How and when to clean your household appliances

Unlike the floors, toilets and kitchen sinks that are cleaned regularly, home appliances are often overlooked when it comes to making a to-do list. Failure to clean your appliances can slow down their performance and allow germs to thrive.

At ServiceOne, our professionals are experts in all appliances Omaha. Home appliances are a costly repair, upkeeping their efficiency will help save you some money. Here is how and when to clean your household appliances.


Dishwashers can easily retain chunks of debris and food that may lead to blockages that may render as dysfunctional. Cleaning your dishwasher every month will ensure that there is no build-up of germs, which can make this appliance ineffective for washing the dishes. To do so, pour distilled white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe cup, place it on the highest shelf of your empty dishwasher, and run a full hot water cycle. This will help eliminate any bacteria and ensure your dishwasher is working effectively. 

You may deodorize the dishwasher by sprinkling a cup of baking soda on the bottom shelf of the appliance and running it on a half-cycle of hot water. Don’t forget to keep the dishwasher door open for a few hours.

Washing machine

Washing machines remain the least cleaned appliance and can become the breeding and stomping spot for many germs. While the hot wash of your clothes helps to clean the inner parts of the washing machine, running an empty load of hot water once a month can make it less appealing for germs.

A mug of distilled white vinegar and hot water can wipe out any lingering mold, mildew and other germs because it effectively sanitizes the basin. And don’t forget to leave the door of your front-loading machine open, to allow the washing machine to dry after every wash. 


Typically, you should clean your microwave at least once a month. However, if you melt butter, heat soup, or warm food uncovered, consider doing it more frequently. Warming liquids in your microwave can cause them to spill or evaporate all over the inside of your appliance. To clean your microwave,  add several tablespoons of distilled white vinegar or slices of lemon in a microwave-safe cup of water, and turn the microwave on high. Wait for three minutes or until the window is covered in steam from the hot water. Use a clean cloth to wipe clean the interior of the microwave.


Refrigerators are great when it comes to keeping food stored cool and safe, however, it can only do this for so long. When food stays in your fridge after expiration, chances of contamination in your fridge increases. As this is pretty common, it’s a good idea to give your fridge a deep clean every so often. To do so, you’ll need to take everything out, and transfer whatever perishables in there to the freezer until you are done. Then wipe down your entire fridge with appropriate cleaning mixtures to get rid of bad odors, spills, or stains. This will ensure your food is safe and will help eliminate any bad odors that may have developed over time. 

It’s important that all homeowners are regularly cleaning all appliances Omaha to ensure efficiency and safety. If you happen to come about a problem with a home appliance, ServiceOne is here to help. We offer appliance repair for all appliances Omaha. Call us today if you are in the Omaha / Council Bluffs metro area, and Dubuque, Iowa.

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