Home Plumbing Maintenance - Necessary? You Bet!

Did you know that your home plumbing system makes up approximately 15% of your home’s total value?? That’s quite an investment to just “flush away” (see what we did there?) by not taking the right steps to maintain it!

Inside your home’s walls are an intricate system of pipes, delivering hot and cold water to every faucet in your house, to your washer, your dishwasher, your toilets. Pipes not only deliver clean water, but also eliminate your waste - on demand. Giving your home’s plumbing system a little TLC on a regular basis can prolong the life of the system, prevent leaks, and avoid costly repairs.

What are the benefits of well-maintained and properly functioning home plumbing systems?

  • Clean water is essential for good health, hygiene and your family’s well-being.
  • Home plumbing systems add a wonderful level of convenience to modern living.
  • Water-saving devices increase water efficiency.
  • Water-saving devices increase your home’s energy savings and can help lower your utility bills.

Why worry about your home plumbing system?

Most people don’t worry about their plumbing until a problem arises. By then, however, they are left with a huge mess, and, ultimately, a potentially HUGE bill.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaks can happen most often in pipe valves, faucets, worn toilet flappers, drippy shower heads or tub faucets, loose pipe fittings, and other fixtures. Easy things to fix, but can create costly issues over time. 1 drip per minute = over 30 gallons per year (and that’s just a SMALL drip!).

Clogged Drains

Clogs aren’t just nuisances - backed-up water can put added pressure on your pipes, stressing them and shortening their life.

This can be avoided.  Catch small problems before they turn into large, expensive ones! Help conserve water and increase the saving on your energy bills. Even one small leak can waste a lot of water - those drips add up!

Don’t want to take on plumbing issues by yourself?  

Have you checked out our Plumbing Plan?

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