Home Heating Mistakes That Are Costing You

The winter months are quickly approaching. In a couple of weeks, the time will change, days will become shorter and the weather will turn colder. It’s just about time to fire up your home’s furnace!

While your furnace will help keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long, heating bills can become expensive quickly, especially during the peak cold months. Sometimes, there are things you may be doing that end up costing you more on your heating bills than they should.

At ServiceOne, our Omaha HVAC service professionals understand how to keep your home feeling comfortable and your heating bills low all winter long. Below, we go over some of the top things you should always avoid that may end up costing you on your heating bill.

Don’t crank your thermostat all the way up

One thing that homeowners do as soon as it gets cold in their home is crank their heat up high. While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it will add a lot to your heating bill. Instead, keeping your thermostat set at a consistent and reasonable temperature will keep your home comfortable and your energy costs lower. 

Don’t close vents in rooms you don’t use

While it might make sense to close the vents in rooms you don’t use in order to make your other areas warmer, doing so can actually be counterproductive. When you close your vents, it can cause your ductwork to become damaged, lead to less energy efficiency and increase your system wear and tear. Over time, these kinds of issues ultimately could lead to you having to replace your heating system sooner than later. 

Don’t ignore air leaks

Air leaks with your doors or windows are another thing that can end up costing you, especially during the winter months. If you notice any air leaks in your home, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. Not sealing or weatherproofing your windows and doors will allow cold air to come inside your home, ultimately making your furnace work harder than it needs to and increasing your heating bill.

Don’t forget to change your air filter

Your home’s air filter is something that is easily forgotten about. However, it’s important that homeowners are changing this out every three months. Not doing so will result in your HVAC system having to work harder than it has to, becoming less efficient and more prone to damage on top of higher energy costs!

Don’t close your blinds/curtains during sunny days

Lastly, natural sunlight is one of the best ways to help heat your home during the winter months! During sunny winter days, keep your blinds and curtain open! This will allow natural sunlight to heat your home, which will help give your heating system a break and save you money at the same time!

The winter months are just around the corner. Be sure you are following these tips to help avoid high energy bills and potential damage to your home’s heating system this winter! And, if you haven’t already, scheduling an Omaha HVAC service appointment will help make sure your system is ready to go!

At ServiceOne, our Omaha HVAC service professionals are experts when it comes to all things heating and cooling. If you have any questions regarding your home’s HVAC system or our services, give us a call today!

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