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Hazards of DIY pipe cleaning

You just finished watching a DIY Youtube video on how to clean your drains.  Cleaning your pipes by yourself is not the safest thing to do. It's one thing plumbing professionals recommend you not do. If you clean your own drains you can run into a number of problems like damaging your drains even further.

At ServiceOne, we are experts at drain cleaning. Whether your dishwasher, kitchen or bathroom sinks drainage is failing, we are there to get the job done the first time. Not only do we do it for residential properties but we also come to commercial properties.  We offer a variety of drain cleaning services, and if you have an emergency, we have Omaha plumbers available 24-hours a day. Here are a few other plumbing services we can do:

  • Drain cleaning

  • Mainline cleaning

  • Septic tank repairs

  • Tree Root intrusion

  • Sewer system backups

  • Basement drain backups

  • Pipe Replacement

We understand that people want to learn about cleaning your own drains by looking at videos, but we recommend you leave that work to the professionals. We want to share with you some reasons why you should not do your own home’s drainage cleaning instead you should consider hiring our Omaha plumbers to do the job correctly and safely.

1. Damage your home’s plumbing

Cleaning your drainage comes with significant consequences. Cleaning your drains with store-bought drain cleaners can eat up your pipes. These cleaners have strong chemicals that eat not only anything that might be stuck in your drains but also your pipes. It is recommended to call an experienced plumber who knows how to clean your pipes with safe chemicals.

2. Damage yourself

If you don’t have the proper pipe cleaning experience, you could harm yourself in the process. The last thing you need is a medical bill after trying to clean a drain. If you are considering using drain cleaners, the risks could double. The hazard of using chemical cleaners include chemical burns on exposed skin.

Drain cleaners that are on the market will do nothing but ruin your drains. However, it can also harm you and other people. Working with drain cleaners is dangerous if you don’t know the proper way to use them. They contain either sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. If either of these two chemicals gets on your skin, they dissolve your skin away. If they somehow get in your eyes,  they damage them or even cause blindness.

3. Can be harmful to the environment

One thing you are probably not considering when you are cleaning your pipes is the environment. You have to think about what will happen when you dump burning chemicals into your drain that will go through the sewers and into rivers. At ServiceOne, we only use eco-friendly cleaners that will cause no harm to your pipes or the environment. Our cleaner is an environmental based cleaner.

Cleaning your drains with commercial cleaners can be harmful to the environment. Because most of the commercial cleaners contain sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid it is not wise to pour them a drain where they can get into the environment or even worse water sources. If these chemicals get into the environment, they get into the ocean and pollute the seas or rivers. If these chemicals get into the streams, then they will get into our water supplies if they are not treated correctly.

4. Lose more money than intended

You might have had the intention to save money by cleaning your drains on your own; however, the 10 dollar cleaner you bought could end up costing you thousands of dollars. You might end up damaging your sinks pipes. Or worse, you end up messing up your whole home's drainage. You could save way more money and time calling a professional to do it right the first time.  

Whether you are thinking about cleaning your drainage or just previously did it and things are still not working you,  contact us. We have over 25 years of experience that you can trust. We have Omaha plumbers who can do any job or if you are in Dubuque, Iowa area we can also help.


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