11/6/2019 11:36 AM

Five signs of dishwasher failure

Certain symptoms will usually suggest that an automatic dishwasher is broken or on its last legs. If you notice one of these signs, you should contact a professional who will be able to inform you that your dishwasher can be repaired or if a replacement machine is necessary. It’s a good idea to get it checked out right away to prevent any possible further damage. Learn more about your dishwasher and when it’s time to contact an appliance repair technician.

1. A dishwasher often needs to be replaced when water leakage occurs. This is especially true if you see cracks or significant amounts of rust inside of the machine. Be sure to examine the door gasket for deterioration, repairs might be affordable if you only need to replace this part

2. Do plates and utensils feel cold after the appliance finishes washing them? If so, its water heating element may have failed. It's crucial for a dishwasher to use very hot water. Otherwise, illnesses could result from bacteria that remains on your dishes.

3. If the equipment starts to produce odd sounds on a regular basis, it probably requires a new motor or pump. Motors are quite costly to replace, so it usually only makes sense to fix the machine when it remains under warranty. However, the pump replacement may be economical.

4. Does a substantial amount of water remain inside of your dishwasher after it stops running? If so, you might be able to eliminate the problem by removing an object that has blocked the drain. The appliance could require replacement or major repairs when this solution fails to prevent pooling.

5. If your dishwasher's age exceeds 12 years and it exhibits any unusual symptoms, you will probably need to buy a new unit soon. Many of these appliances last about a decade, but some machines may fail after eight years or it can last up to 15 years.

On the other hand, some problems can be corrected at an affordable rate.. If your rack needs new rollers, the door won't latch properly or the dishwasher cleans dishes inadequately, you might want to consider repairing it. Switches, valves, hose gaskets and detergent dispensers are relatively inexpensive.

Of course you want to make the most of your dishwasher and make it last as long as possible! Did you know you are supposed to wash your dishwasher? This might sound like a weird concept since you are washing an appliance that washes things and contains water and soap. One reason to wash it is that bacteria and fungus build up and it's recommended to be cleaned once a month. 

Another thing to ensure is that your dishwasher last it’s entire life, so be sure to regularly monitor it! One place to always check is the sprayers. It’s common for food and soap to get stuck there which causes uneven dispersing water! Also, the filters are important to check out, you want a professional to do that! At ServiceOne we are here for you and your appliance repair needs. 

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