Fall Maintenance Checklist

As summer winds down, all homeowners should start thinking about how they can prepare their home for the fall season. Fall maintenance is essential for preparing your home for the cold months ahead. 

Here are some fall maintenance tips all homeowner should think of when making their fall checklist!

Heating system

During the fall, the temperatures outside will start to get colder, which means it’s time to start preparing your home’s furnace before it’s too late! One way to do this is by cleaning your air ducts to enhance the efficiency and quality of your heating system. It’s also a good idea to replace your home’s furnace filter, and have an HVAC professional come take a look at your system before you turn your furnace on. 

Water Heater

Taking a cold shower in December is brutal. And since your water heater has to work much harder during the winter, homeowners should be maintaining their water heaters during the fall! Start by checking the temperature of your water heater, and making sure it’s set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal efficiency. It’s also a good idea to clean your water heater during the fall, and it will result in helping remove sediment and improve the efficiency of your water heater. 

Clean your dryer vents

Another maintenance job all homeowners should consider doing is cleaning their dryer vents. Lint builds up in the vents of your dryer, and it can make your dryer work less effectively. This can also cause fires to start. Since the air is cooler and dryer in the fall, static electricity increases, which can turn your lint buildup to flames. 

Check your roof

As summer storms start diminishing, it’s smart to check your roof for any damages. It’s much better to do this before the winter, so snow doesn’t leak water through any damages. This is especially important if there was any hail damage from the previous spring and summer months. 

It is also a good idea to clean your gutters and downspouts to ensure there are no clogs. As leaves fall from trees, they can collect in gutters and in result, cause water to overflow off the side of your home. 

Check your fireplace

You should also have a professional come inspect your fireplace at some point during the fall. Chances are you have not used your indoor fireplace since last winter, and having a professional come take a look will ensure that it’s still safe to use!

Conduct an energy audit

Lastly, it’s smart for all homeowners to conduct an energy audit during the fall. A trained professional will be able to assess your home’s energy efficiency and can help make changes if need be. Updating appliances, handling air drafts and adding additional insulation are all ways you could save money on your energy bill. 

All homeowners should be performing regular maintenance to prepare their homes every season. As you start making your fall checklist, keep these maintenance tips in mind to ensure you and your home are safe and comfortable during the cold months of the year. 

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