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Fall HVAC System Maintenance

No one wants to come home to an ice-cold house in the middle of winter. The Midwest’s bone-cold temperature is already here, and soon enough we will have snow joining the party. Ensure your heating system does not leave you out in the cold this fall and winter.

It is time to add a heating and cooling maintenance on your to-do list. Don’t leave it all to yourself. At ServiceOne, we provide annual heating and cooling maintenance check-ups and have an Omaha appliance repair team. Also, for those days where your furnace feels like it has officially given up, we are available 24-hours a day.

Maintaining your home’s heating system can be quite a task, especially when you know nothing about furnaces. Heating and cooling experts say that 75 percent of the winter calls are related to the lack of maintenance checks.  That is why we want to share with you some tips you can use to help manage your heating system and watch for any signs that require you to call an HVAC specialist.  

Turn your furnace on.

One way to know if your furnace is working correctly is by just turning it on. It is better to know something is wrong with your furnace before the weather starts to turn chilly. Turn on your furnace to check if it’s heating up properly and blowing warm air or frosty cool air.

Another major sign that your furnace is not working correctly or is on its last round is if it’s making funny noises. When a furnace is working accurately, you should not hear any rattling. If you hear any strange noises, you can call us to send a trained specialist to check it up.

Change the filter

Have you started to see more dust accumulate around your house than usual? The constant accumulation of dust could be a sign you need to replace your furnace filter. A dirty filter can let the pollen and allergens from outside into your home. Don’t leave your house without proper protection.

Making sure the filter in your furnace is clean is a simple way to keep your heating system working properly. It is recommended to change the filter of your home every month.  You also want to consider replacing your home’s filter with seasonal changes. If you have pets, you may need to change the filter more frequently. Animals tend to track dirt from the outdoors, loose fur and dander.

Clean your air vents.

It is perfectly reasonable to find some little clumps of dirt in your home’s air vents. However, your furnace can burn those dust bunnies and produce monoxide in the air your breathe. To prevent this from occurring get a vacuum with a long hose and vacuum out the dust from the vents. Not sure if the dust bunnies are gone? At ServiceOne, we provide the best Omaha appliance repair as well.

Replace your old furnace.

All good things must come to an end. The lifespan of a furnace can range from 10 to 15 years. You need to replace your furnace to keep it running smoothly and save you money. You do not want to burn your money away. By replacing your furnace, you could be saving 20 percent of your heating and cooling costs. Give us a call we not only have offer Omaha appliance repair, but we also can help you with installation!

Schedule maintenance checks

You take your car to get check-ups, so why shouldn’t one of house’s most important appliance get a check-up? Your heating system needs regular professional maintenance to keep it working for a long time. We can schedule you a maintenance check-up for your heating and cooling, and if you need an Omaha appliance repair we can all also lend a helping hand!

We hope these tips will help you stay alert for signs that could indict your home’s heating system needs attention. Let one of our professional technicians, at ServiceOne, lend you a helping hand to keep your home’s heating and cooling system running properly to ensure your home is comfortable for everyone.


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