Commercial HVAC checklist

Commercial HVAC maintenance is critical to the longevity of a business. Many things attribute to a successful business. Most are apparent, such as; increasing sales, customers and being the best in your industry. One thing business owners do not think about is when the last time the HVAC system was inspected or maintained.

It is important for a commercial building to have regular maintenance and inspections.  These are conducted by heating and cooling Dubuque Iowa professionals to help save money, energy and avoid future breakdowns. 


Preventative maintenance 

Don’t forget to schedule your appointment with a heating and cooling Dubuque Iowa professional. This can result in reducing large replacements or sudden expenses.

Our professionals are able to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that all electrical connections, coils, and cabinets are cleaned. Also, they check that refrigerant levels are measured. 

Changing Air Filters 

While commercial buildings and businesses have a much larger HVAC system versus residential systems, the filters still need to be changed. It is estimated that an air filter should be changed at least three to four times a year in a commercial setting. This is because dust and debris travel through an HVAC system and can cause pollen and allergens to be spread in the air. 

Programming thermostats 

It is estimated that a building can save up to 10 percent a year on their heating and cooling by setting their thermostat while no one is occupying the space. This can be during any season at any time during the year. A reason for this is because it keeps your temperatures steady which creates less work for your HVAC system.

How do you find the best HVAC contractor? 

It can be difficult to find the right HVAC contractor. When contractors are bidding for your business, this is how a business owner can make sure to hire the best one on the market. This is a small, but not a comprehensive list of questions to ask those contractors that are bidding for your business. 

  1. Will you inspect the entire system? Not all HVAC contractors will be able to inspect the entire system. It is important to find a contractor that works with a reliable and respected business in the community. Our heating and cooling Dubuque Iowa contractors have the ability to call our electricians within seconds to come inspect the electrical work. 

  2. Will you review the inspection with me? While this takes a matter of minutes, not all contractors might provide a detailed or comprehensive run-down of what was inspected and if any repairs were needed. 

  3. Will you test air ducts? An air duct system is the main reason that heating and cooling air is able to travel from room to room. These systems are located behind the walls or in the ceiling. Overall, air ducts and HVAC systems work together which means that your air ducts need to be inspected too. 

  4. How long with maintenance take?  A commercial space might have tenants, customers or clients creating all day foot traffic. It is important to understand where the heating and cooling Dubuque Iowa professionals can come to handle maintenance and if they are willing to work on the busy times for the building. 

These questions and others that may arise before, during and after any HVAC maintenance are critical to answer. Our professionals are able to answer these questions and any concerns that may arise. 

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