Benefits Of A Home Warranty Plan

Once you buy a home, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. It’s your job to get all repairs and maintenance completed and make sure your home and all of its systems are in good working order. However, performing repairs and maintenance can be both time consuming and difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners choose to purchase a home warranty plan.

Home warranties are similar to an insurance plan where homeowners pay a “premium” to obtain home warranty services. With a home warranty, your home stays protected. Whenever an appliance breaks down, or you find issues with any of your home systems, your home warranty company will come and get your problems fixed!

At ServiceOne, we provide a variety of home warranty plans to meet your needs. Below, we explain the benefits of purchasing a home warranty and why ServiceOne’s plans are right for you!

Benefits of a home warranty

With a home warranty plan comes many benefits. Below, we dive deeper into the advantages of purchasing a home warranty:

Budget friendly

One of the benefits of a home warranty is that it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their home budget will be protected. This helps homeowners plan for the unexpected, and not have to worry about paying high amounts of money on repairs or replacements when their home appliances and systems become damaged or broken. 

Save time and money

Time is money, and with a home warranty plan, you will save both! When your appliances or systems unexpectedly break down, a service tech will get your problem fixed in a reasonable and timely manner. 

Home Warranty vs Service Agreement

Although they are similar, home warranties and service agreements both offer different benefits. Ultimately, service agreements may offer some of the same coverage as a home warranty, but it varies by company. Be sure to ask the home warranty company that you are working with how their plan differs from a service agreement/contract.

Local is better

Lastly, what is better than buying locally? ServiceOne is proud to be the only Home Warranty provider in the Omaha, Nebraska area. ServiceOne is dedicated to helping homeowners in the Omaha metro keep their homes protected at all times during the year!

As the new year approaches, now is the time to consider choosing a home warranty plan for your home. Not only does a home warranty help protect your home, your appliances and major systems, but also helps you keep money in your pockets! Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more about our home warranty options!

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