4 Possible Reasons Your AC Is Leaking

Have you recently noticed that your AC unit or furnace vent is leaking but can't figure out why? You're not alone! According to the US Department of Energy, household HVAC systems make up around 48 percent of a home's total energy usage, and air conditioning use alone makes up 6 percent of electricity use of homes in the United States. And unfortunately, many of these homes occasionally suffer from AC leaks. However, many of these leaks can be avoided (and properly managed when they happen) by knowing what's causing them. Here are four common reasons why your AC may be leaking:

1. Your condensate drains may be clogged

AC units generate water as a natural part of their dehumidification process. This water will usually run down your drain pan and out of your home when things are normal, but a clogged drain system will result in large puddles of water around your AC system that can lead to other parts of your home. However, practicing proper AC maintenance, or hiring professionals from an HVAC service Omaha company like ServiceOne, you will be able to prevent or manage this problem before it becomes a serious problem for your home.

2. Dirty air filters

In some cases, your AC leakage could be caused by a dirty air filter. This is one of the easiest causes to detect, and it can be done by simply checking to see if your air filters are clogged or restricting more air than usual. If you notice either of those two conditions, it could mean you have ice or frost building up in your AC unit caused by the restricted airflow, which means you should call a professional AC repair company immediately to check it out.

3. Disconnected AC drain line

AC systems are not always installed properly, and this can often lead to an AC drain line getting disconnected. This is caused by the pipes gradually loosening over time. When this happens, the condensation produced by your air conditioner will leak onto your floor. In fact, it is known that installation mistakes can reduce the efficiency of HVAC units by up to 30 percent This is why it’s important to contact an HVAC service Omaha company to inspect your system. 

4. Low refrigerant levels

Refrigerant is used to cool the air that gets pumped into your home from your air conditioner, and when refrigerant levels become low from a leak, this can lead to many problems including ice formations on the evaporator coils of your AC system. If you notice your AC is frequently starting and stopping, this could be a sign of a refrigerant leak and you should call an AC repair professional immediately to have it checked out.

Problems within your HVAC system may not seem like a big deal, but if not acted on quickly, more serious issues can happen as a result. 

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